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If we make your flavor suggestion, you get a free pint of your creation!  


Wild Hibiscus Flower
The Olaf: Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Carrot Cake Crumbles and Walnuts
Coffee Toffee
Bananas Foster




Chocolate Covered Strawberry
German Chocolate Cake
Maple Cinnamon
Lavender Agave
Carrot Cake:
Carrot and Cake Batter- Impressive!
Troop 2071:
A Mint Base Ice Cream with Crushed Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
Blueberry Hill:
A Blueberry Base with Brownie Chunks
Raspberry White Chocolate Curl and Tart Tart:
Lemon Base Ice Cream with Crushed Strawberry Poptarts
Cartagena Lemonade: Lemon Ice Cream with Crushed Peppermint Candies
Agave Lavender
Peach and Lust: Chocolate-Cinnamon Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips, Cherries, and a Fudge Swirl
Saigon Cinnamon
Walnut Fudge


Coffee Thin Mint
Very Berry February: Strawberry, Blueberry, & Cherry Ice cream with a Fudge Swirl
Champagne Supernova: Pear's Poached in White Wine with a Strawberry Swirl
Minty March Madness: Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips & Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
Holy Mole: Vanilla bean Ice Cream with a Mole & Butterfudge Swirl
Bunny Love: Orange rum Ice Cream with crushed M&Ms;
May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor: Cinnamon Ice Cream with Green Apple Chunks
Banoffee: Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Toffee Chunks
Susan: A Butter Pecan Ice Cream with Strawberry Puree
Agave Lavender: A Lavender Ice Cream Aweetened with Agave Nectar
Campin' Out: Vanilla Ice Cream with Mini Marshmallows, Crushed Graham Crackers, and a Fudge Swirl
Strawberry Blonde: Strawberry Cake Batter Ice Cream
Mocha Heath: Espresso Ice Cream with Chocolate Toffee Chunks
Black Out & Go Nuts: A Blackberry Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips and Walnuts
Bellini: A Champagne Ice Cream with Peach and a Dash of Cherry
Mom's Madness: An Espresso Ice Cream with Chocolate & Espresso Covered Toffee
Crepetella: A Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream with Nutella Swirls
Sharon Needles: Vanilla Ice Cream with Dried Cranberries and Raspberry Fudge Swirl Bobtail Brunch: Maple Ice Cream and Vegetarian Bacon Bits
Bananas Foster Rum: Banana Based Ice Cream with Vanilla Beans and Caramel
The Nutty Countess: Espresso Based Ice Cream with Caramel Pecans
German Chocolate Cake: Chocolate Coconut Base with Pecans
Bailey's & Butterscotch: Irish cream Ice Cream with Butterscotch Swirls



Coffee Chocolate Chip
Pack3079: mint ice cream with M&Ms
Kiwi Yogurt
Thin Mint Ice cream: mint base with thin mint boy scout cookies
Cookies & Dough: Vanilla ice cream with crushed oreos and cookie dough bits
This Road's Not Rocky: Chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, dark chocolate chips, and a caramel swirl
Strawberry Lemon Cake
Malted Pecan
Honey lavender
Run CMC: Chocolate mint ice cream with crushed thin mints
Thor-White: chocolate Espresso Ice cream w/ cookie dough and sprinkles
Banana finger: Banana ice cream w/ butterfinger bits in it
Rahm Rasin: Rum Rasin
Coconut Kat: Coconut ice cream with bits of kit-kat
Choc Shok: Choc I.C. with choc chips and oreos
Mintberry Crunch: Straw I.C. with thin mints
LOL!: Lemon-Oreo-Lavender
Bananas Foster: Banana & Rum I.C. with a caramel swirl
Chocolate Orange
Peachy Keen: Peach and Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chocolate chips
My Chocolate Daydream: Chocolate Ice cream with Brownies, Choc chips, ad a caramel swirl
Mocha Almond Fudge
Strawberry Crunch
Lambic Pomme: Apple Beer Ice Cream
Sweeney Todd: White Chocolate Ice Cream with a Raspberry Swirl and Dark Chocolate Chips. Double Chocolate Stout: Chocolate base with chocolate stout beer
Abita Purple Haze: Abita Purple Haze beer with raspberry puree
Orange Thin Mint: Orange base with crushed Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies
Canadian Maple Cookie: Maple syrup base with crushed shortbread cookies and caramel



Honey Roasted Pine Nut
Raspberry Coconut Fudge
Goat Cheese w/ Strawberry Swirl
Peach Cobbler
Salted Caramel Pecan
Wasabi Vanilla
Black Walnut
White Chocolate Rocky Road
Blueberry Brownie
Espresso Caramel w/ Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Birthday Cake (Cake Batter w/ Rainbow Sprinkles)
Mixed Berry
Milky Way
Sweet cream w/ Easter Candies
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream w/ Vanilla Clusters
Lemon Poppy Seed
Banana Nutter Butter
Bob(tail) The Builder(Chocolate w/ Oreo, Almonds, & Peanuts)
Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
Key Lime Coconut
Green Tea:Honey-Ginger
State Fair (Cream Soda, Rice Crispie Treats, and Rainbow Sprinkles)
Bananas Foster
Rosemont Belvedere (Lemon ice cream, roasted pine nuts, and blueberry swirl)
Alice's Palace (Rasberry cake ice cream with dark chocolate chips)
Cold Toddy (earl grey and spiced whiskey ice cream)
Strawberry Toffee