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If you are in the Chicago metropolitan area and interested in Bobtail’s wholesale services, please email Chris at or call 773-403-5798.

Bobtail Ice Cream Company specializes in making classic, seasonal and locally-inspired ice cream flavors. In addition to our list of over 80 homemade ice cream flavors, we work directly with many clients and chefs to create flavors that fit their menus. We make it easy for business owners and operators to offer our homemade ice cream to their customers!


  • We are the only Chicago company that makes truly homemade, hard-pack ice cream!
  • Our ice cream is super-premium. Note that we use only top-quality ingredients and our ice cream has lower butterfat content and calories than most other super-premium ice creams which better captures the subtleties of each ingredient.
  • Bobtail combines three generations of Wilcoxon family recipes and small town ideals with fresh energy and an urban touch. Bobtail founders Jeff Wilcoxon and Chris Hill were inspired to create Bobtail by Grandpa Wilcoxon – Jeff’s grandpa – who, beginning in 1950, sold ice cream from a tiny factory and door-to-door from a truck to his neighbors in Bexley, Ohio. and small-town ideals with fresh energy and an urban touch

and Country Clubs
We’ll deliver 3 gallon buckets of ice cream to your door at wholesale prices. Thanks to our small-batch production process and more than 80-flavor recipe catalog, we can also research and perfect proprietary ice cream flavors at your request. Some of our existing specialty flavors like White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Jack Daniels and Merlot Chocolate Chip were all created with input from chefs and other food experts who have a special vision for ice cream. We’d be happy to take your ice cream vision and make it a reality!

Inventory update; we’ll provide additional product as needed based on season and demand! OFFERINGS INCLUDE
  • 4 oz. single serving – Scoops of chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chip, peanut butter chip, cookies & cream and cappuccino crunch yogurt.
  • 4 oz. ice cream cookie sandwich – Vanilla bean or mint chip ice cream sandwiched between two homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • 16 oz. pint – Chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chip, peanut butter chip, cookies & cream, Signature Sunset, Daley Addiction and cappuccino crunch yogurt.

We also sell at wholesale prices to cafes and ice cream shops looking to scoop super-premium homemade ice cream for cones, cups, sundaes and shakes. Before we supply our product to scoop shops, we’ll fully train the staff on product quality, equipment maintenance, ice cream merchandising and scooping skills.

If you are interested in Bobtail’s wholesale services, email Chris at or call 773-403-5798.



We are always looking for qualified partners and investors who want to own and operate an ice cream store with the Bobtail brand. We are flexible with the details of these arrangements, but we look for passionate entrepreneurs who are willing to put the work into maintaining our standards of service and quality. We are willing to provide assistance with everything from store design to employee training to start-up marketing strategies. If you are interested in opening your own scoop shop in Illinois, Michigan or Ohio, contact Jeff directly at